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Netent or Net Entertainment has become very well-known primarily for the huge range and variety in video slots. At this moment NetEnt offers its customers over 100 different video slots, which they in turn can offer to the players in the Netent casinos.
All Netent Video Slots

Direct Play Netent Video Slots

All Netent video slots can be played for free on this website; unlimited and with a never-ending number of free credits. Of course you cannot pay out the credits you may have won or turn them into real money, but you also do not risk losing any money this way either, and this is a good way to learn to play the games and learn the rules of the game. Click on the image for a complete overview and to play instant for fun.

What are Video Slots?

Video slots are modern relatives of the old and familiar slot machines with reels that can be found in bars. A video slot also contains a number of reels, but not a mechanical version. The reels of a video slot are built as a video animation where the result of each playing round is determined by a RNG (Random Number Generator). Because the games consist of video animations, there are more possibilities that make the video slots extra attractive. You may think of the many bonus games and special animations which are characterizing for video slots.

Video Slot Game Rules

Not every video slot works in the same way, but at the basis they are all the same. A video slot usually consists of 5 reels with 3 rows and multiple win lines. A win line is the line on which similar symbols must appear to be able to win a prize according to the pay table of the video slot.

Furthermore, every video slot has a number of special symbols that have standard rules that are the same in every video slot. There are for example “Wild” symbols which in most cases count as other symbols to make a winning combination. There also are “Scatter” symbols, which do not have to appear on a win line, but just on one of the 5 reels. Up from 2 Scatter symbols will win you a prize and up from 3 Scatter symbols the Free Spins mode will be activated. These elements can be found in almost all video slots (not only the Net Entertainment video slots), sometimes with little differences or in a slightly other form.

In most cases a video slot has much more win lines that a classic slot machine, but this may vary per video slot. There are variations that have 5 win lines, and there are other games with up to 50 win lines. A win line always goes from left to right and in most cases you will have to get at least 2 or 3 of the same symbols in a row to come to a winning combination.

Bonus Games and Special Features

So, the basic rules of all video slots are the same, but there are differences, sometimes big differences, in the way the bonus games work, like the Free Spins, wild symbols, and the traditional “pick and win” bonus games. Especially the latest new Net Entertainment video slots feature advanced and more unique bonus features, like the Avalanche, Sticky Wild symbols, and Stacked Wild symbols. These are all patented by Netent, and thus can only be found when playing a Net Entertainment game.

Netent Video Slot Payouts

Net Entertainment guarantees fair and high payout percentages. This is especially the fact in the video slots where you will have a bigger chance at winning than at any other casino. Let’s make a comparison; traditional slot machines (in an arcade, land based casino, or in the hospitality industry) have an average payout percentage of between 70% and a maximum of 90%. Slot machines in casinos usually have a payout percentage of between 89% and 94%. But Net Entertainment video slots have a payout percentage of at least 96% up to a maximum of 98.5%. Netent software thus gives you the opportunity to play fair games with a fair and high payout percentage.

Playing Netent Video slots for Real Money

When you have extensively practiced the games and know the rules of the game, you can go and play the video slots for real money. on Netentcasino you will exclusively be informed about Netent, but we also refer you to the best online casinos that offer the entire range of Netent software. Therefore, read the page on welcome bonuses, so you can take advantage of the best bonus offers of the best Netent casinos.

Jackpot Video Slots

A special range of Netent video slots are those with a progressive jackpot that can be won. “Progressive” means the amount of money in the jackpot increases by taking a percentage of every bet of a player playing the game. There are two types of these video slots: slots with a locally accumulated jackpot and video slots with a network generated jackpot.

The video slots with a local jackpot have a jackpot that grows only by the contribution of players in one single Netent Casino. Subsequently the jackpot of such a video slot also can only be won by players of that same online casino.

Video slots with a network accumulated jackpot will increase by contributions of bets placed by players in several different Netent Casinos that are connected to the Netent Network. Logically these jackpots can be won by players in one of the Netent Casinos that is connected to the Netent Network.

The big difference between a local and a network jackpot is the latter normally will accumulate a much higher jackpot amount, as more players and in various Netent Casinos are contributing to its aggregated jackpot value. The amounts in the jackpots of these kind of Netent video slots can easily reach millions of euros before they are won by a lucky player.

Branded Netent video slots

Also “branded” Netent video slots are special as they are developed by Net Entertainment in cooperation with an existing “brand license” holding company. The reason Netent enters in these kind of collaborations is simple: first of all the used brands deliver a rich source to create yet another very exciting Netent video slot and second it links the already famous Netent brand to another far-famed name.

  • The first ever “branded” Netent video slot released was video slot Scarface, that was developed in cooperation with Universal Studios and of course has the illustrious gangster movie of the same name as the game’s theme.
  • The second video slot based on an existing brand was video slot Frankenstein, again a cooperation between Netent and Universal Studios and themed by the famous movie from 1931 with Boris Karloff as the monster.
  • The third was video slot Dallas, based on the eponymous television soap series and exclusively developed for Netent Casino Unibet, in collaboration with Dallas license holder CBS / Warner Bros Entertainment.
  • The fourth branded Netent game was video slot South Park, themed by the hilarious animated series “for adults” and developed in partnership with Comedy Central Television Network.
  • The, at this time of writing, last released branded Netent video slot is Creature from the Black Lagoon, again a Netent / Universal Studios partnership and based on a fantasy monster-movie from 1954.

The releases of the Netent branded video slots are always highly anticipated by players and Netent Casinos alike, as they every time guarantee a special new video slot game with spectacular game features and the highest quality in 3D graphics and / or animations, usually with original footage of the branded productions these games are based on.

Popular Netent Video Slots

Among the many video slots Net Entertainment has launched over time there are several that are considered to be the most popular under Netent Casino players.

Mega Fortune video slot

Netent video slot Mega Fortune owes its popularity thanks to the enormous amounts of money it accumulates in its jackpot. The Mega Fortune holds the world record of paying out the biggest jackpot amount ever won online. In January 2013 Mega Fortune paid out a staggering € 17,8 million to a lucky player at Paf Casino.

Starburst video slot

The reason why video slot Starburst of all Netent video slots time after time again ranks the highest in popularity isn’t really clear. Or it must be it’s a “retro-slot” styled video slot with exciting “both-ways-win” and expanding Wilds re-spin features, potentially paying out 50.000 coins on just one single spin.

South Park video slot

From the first presentation at Ice januari 2013 the South park video slot is already a success. Of course it’s very clear why branded Netent video slot South Park is favorite under loads of players as it’s by far the most funny Netent video slot ever and at the same time the Netent game most packed with extra bonus (mini) games and special features.

Blood Suckers video slot

About the popularity of video slot Blood Suckers we can be very short: it’s the Netent video slot with the highest payout percentage of 98%. This Netent game apparently is the favorite video slot of many players from Central European countries and, just like Netent video slot Starburst, always ends up as one of the highest ranked popular video slot.

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