Game Tutorial Netent Live Casino HD Roulette

Netent Live Casino HD Roulette

Netent Live Casino HD Roulette Introduction

Netent Live Casino HD Roulette is Netent ‘s own Live Casino version of the classic and still immensely popular casino game of Roulette, played online with a real croupier as a host, thus approaching the most the “brick-and-mortar” casino gaming experience.

Netent Live Casino HD Roulette Game Details

Netent Live Casino HD Roulette Game Tutorial

Netent Live Casino HD Roulette is played just like in a real-life casino. A player needs to place a chip on a number of choice (or combination of numbers) after which the Live Dealer spins the roulette wheel with the ball. The pocket on the wheel that receives the ball is the winning number that will pay out.

The Game Round

A Live Roulette game round is played by the following steps:

Placing Bets

Just like in a real-life casino also on the Netent Live Casino HD Roulette the normal roulette bets can be placed.

Inside Bets

The inside bets are placed on the inner field of the table, on the numbers 0 up to 36. There are 5 types of inside bets: Straight, Split, Street of Three line, Corner and Six line.

Outside Bets

Outside bets are placed on the boxes around the inner field with the numbers 1 to 36. Basically there are 5 options to place an outside bet: Column, Dozen, High or Low, Red or Black and Odd or Even.

Race Track Bets

On the right side of the screen you see a separate betting track, also known as “the Race Track”. If you click on the track it will be opened and placed above the betting field. This track contains the same numbers as the wheel and in the same order. On the Race Track the following 5 types of bets are possible:

All bets can be doubled by clicking the “x 2” button left from the chips. By clicking the “Player’s Chips” button (in the same row left from the chips) the game will show where the chips of other players are placed on the betting field.

Undoing, redoing or doubling bets

On the right side of the chips there are three buttons that allow you to undo the last placed bet, to clear all bets or to re-place the bet(s) from previous game round.

The Favorite Bets Panel

On the Favorite Bets Panel players can register and save their bets to subsequently re-place them automatically. The Favorite Bets panel can be opened by clicking the Star-signed button left from the chips.

The Dynamic Billboard

The Dynamic Billboard is located at the right side of the screen, above the Race Track betting field. The Dynamic Billboard shows the game’s results over the last 15 rounds and which numbers are “hot” and which numbers are “cold” (taken over the last 100 game rounds).

The Live Dealer, High Definition video and Players Chat

In the Netent Live Casino the player is hosted by a real-life dealer that’s spinning the roulette wheel and of which the images are broadcasted by streaming “High Definition” video by internet. By Live Chat the player can not only communicate with the croupier, but, if desired, also with its fellow players at the table. The angle of the HD camera can be adjusted to dealer view or roulette wheel view.

Netent Live Casino HD Roulette Bet limits

At the bottom in the center of the screen you see a number of chips. When you click the arrows left and right of the chips you will get more options. You can play Live Roulette with 1, 5, 25, 100 and 1000 euro chips. These can be bet multiple times and may be combined. The minimum bet is 1 euro and the maximum bet is 75.000 euros. When you bet a combination, you can see the total amount bet at the bottom of the screen.

Live Roulette Pay Table

The Pay Table of Netent Live Casino HD Roulette can be opened by clicking the “i” signed button in the lower left corner of the screen.

Possible Settings

When you start playing European Roulette you can adjust a number of settings to your liking. You do this by clicking the icon at the bottom utmost left of the screen. The game settings can be adjusted as follows:

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